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Shoreline DAVOF

Shoreline-Davof b.v.

Due to the year long and continuously growing relationship between the two companies Davof Handelmaatschappij based in Amsterdam and Shoreline Energy International Ltd. based in London and Lagos, and in recognition that the greatest development challenges facing the African nations in the 21st century concern power and infrastructure, the two companies have formalised their strategic cooperation in a joint venture: Shoreline-Davof b.v., a Dutch limited liability company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Davof and Shoreline entered into this J/V to unite both Shoreline's vaste portfolio of projects on the African continent, in various areas of businesses and industries, ranging from construction to power distribution, from rope manufacturing to oilfield servicing activities, and Davof's expertise in purchasing management on worldwide basis, shipping, and logistics.

The goal of the J/V is to maximize efficiency in the relationship of both partners in the J/V and, more broadly, to serve the interests of all clients on the African continent who often require integrated, tailor-made finance&logistic solutions.